Adventurebilt Hats

Made to Measure, Built to Last

    Adventurebilt hats are handmade, utilizing early 20th century hat-making techniques. Each hat that we make is a custom made hat, just like you would have found in the small hat shops of yesteryear. We use the same vintage hand tools that those old-timers used. Our hats are anachronisms, relics from a past age when every man wore a hat, and the hat he chose to wear would tell you much about the man beneath it. And of course, the most popular hat style of that era was the fedora. We at Adventurebilt Hat Co. specialize in making a variety of fedoras.

   We offer various vintage styled fedoras, and will crease your hat to whatever style you like. Be it the teardrop, the C-dent (Bogie), the telescope, or the homburg type crease. Many people will send us old pictures from the 30's and ask us to replicate those hats for them.

   When we first formed Adventurebilt Hat Co. it was our goal to make fedoras as were seen in the old days, but we wanted to make our hats tough - as tough as the cowpoke's beaver hat of yesteryear. We succeeded in doing that by using the best felt available: pure 100% beaver. Although not the cheapest, it is the best fur to use for a hat, and we only use the best in our hats. They are made to last a lifetime. A favorite hat that you could pass on to your grandkids.

   The Adventurebilt fedoras come in brown, gray, charcoal gray, black, moss, and pecan color (with other colors available on request). These were the popular fedora colors in the heyday of hat wearing, and our felt maker is still using the same colors they used in the 1930's and 40's. We can size them to fit anybody from 6 5/8 to a size 8 hat size. We work off of your own head measurement, as many folks fall between off the shelf sizing of factory made hats. A custom handmade hat is custom sized to fit just your own head.

    Our best selling hat has always been a straight sided fedora, which was common and popular back in the early 20th century. You see loads of them in the old movies and photographs from that era. We have a variety of vintage wooden blocks, which allow us to nail any vintage style that strikes your fancy. These range from the stove pipe variety to the tapered style.

    The Adventurebilt fedora is an essential companion in the jungles of South America, the savannahs of Africa, the deserts of Egypt, or wherever your own personal adventures may take you.

We are proud to say that Indy is going to be back on the big screen, and this time he is wearing an Adventurebilt!

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